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Going on a road trip with the kids? Remember these essentials

Going on a road trip with the kids? Remember these essentials: 

  1. Trash bags

  2. Wet wipes

  3. Comfortable car seats for kids, adapted for their age

  4. Kleenex

  5. Car seat organizer

  6. Portable charger and cords

  7. Camera

  8. Activity books and coloring books

  9. Crayons, pencils and pens. …

  10. Road-trip games and books, e.g. Travel Scavenger Hunt , Spot It! …

  11. Magnetic car games. …

  12. Extra diapers/wipes/clothes/quiet toys for the youngest ones.

  13. Books or audio

  14. Movies

  15. Water and insulated water bottle

  16. Music playlist

  17. Snacks and Cooler

  18. First Aid Kit 

  19. Blankets

  20. Pillows

  21. Stuffed animals

  22. Change of Clothes

  23. Paper towels

  24. Towels

  25. Music playlist

  26. Flip Flops (Unless you’re traveling in the dead of winter, bring flip flops for the kids to put on when they get out of the car. It’s easier and quicker than putting on shoes.)

  27. Flashlight

  28. Headphones

  29. Car emergency kit

  30. Spare set of keys

  31. Check the car before setting out. Make sure your car is ready to go. Have a maintenance check and fill the vehicle with gas before the big trip.

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