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Hi there! I recently moved back home to Colorado from Spain, where I was teaching English. Kids have always been my passion and I’ve worked with them in many capacities over the years. I’ve been teaching for 5 years (Pre-K, ESL and elementary), and have also nannied and babysat for over 16 years. I love meeting kiddos of all different backgrounds and truly enjoy spending time with children of all ages and developmental stages. During the days you’ll find me snowboarding, hiking, swimming or biking. I love the outdoors and enjoy sharing this passion with children. Getting active is always a great way to burn some energy! I also like to encourage exploration and lots of fun through dance parties, cooking, crafting, board games or creative play.
I am a well educated, and qualified teacher with a great deal of experience as a Governess and Private Tutor in the UK, EU and the Middle East. I have been teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) and full curriculums (British and American), at language schools and for private families (including VVIPs and royalty) since 2002. I have also taught at mainstream educational establishments in the UK, teaching a range of classes and levels within English departments following the National Curriculum, including pre-school, Key Stages 1-4, G.C.S.E. English, A- Level Language, A-Level Literature, and A-Level Critical Thinking. Teaching is my calling and I love what I do. Whilst I am proud to train teachers and make them better at their jobs, I find teaching children directly most fulfilling. I find the relationships I build when teaching one-to-one really satisfying and thoroughly enjoy mentoring my students to encourage them to grow and develop into well-rounded children. I am still in touch with many of my ex-students; they keep me updated with their news and achievements.
I love the enthusiasm and positivity children bring to the world, and I am always striving to learn from their perspective. to give students the confidence they need in order to succeed in all of their academic and social endeavors. Having worked with children for over ten years, I would be honored
to continue working with the youth in a Spanish school system. What I love most about children is their
passion and pure sense of joy. They consistently inspire me to take life less seriously and to enjoy the
little things. I am reminded that I not only have something to teach, but also have much to learn from
my students. Life is the richest when we are seeking out new information and situations. greatly enjoy
the process of sharing knowledge.

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