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Hello there, I am a Chicago native who wanted to start enjoying winter instead of dreading it, thus my adventure to get to Colorado.

Before I arrived in Aspen, I went to the University of Iowa to receive a degree in social work. While I was in Iowa, I received the opportunity to work in a child psychiatric unit at the university’s hospital. This is where my passion and understanding for working with children really began. From Iowa I made my way over to South Carolina to work with a non-profit called Fostering Great Ideas, which supported children in the foster care system. Finally in 2021 I took a Camp Director position in the RFV with Ajax Adventure Camp, and I haven’t left since. In my recent years, I worked at the summer camp with children ages 5-6, and at the preschool where I was an assistant teacher to 1-3 year olds. Along with nannying for families across the RFV.

Since living in the valley, now I have found so many new hobbies that I never partook in: skiing, skateboarding, hiking, camping and I am always up for a new adventure. I look to forward to working with your family and sharing my love for adventure with your children through engaging activities, games, arts and crafts and stories.

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