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Hello! I am Andie Phelps. I am currently loving living and working in the Roaring Fork Valley. I grew up in central Minnesota. Went to school in a small town. Spending almost every summer day on the lake and every winter day skiing. Filling in any other time with family and friends, crafts, volleyball or golf, or reading.

As the oldest child in my family and neighborhood growing up, it was easy for me to become the babysitter for all the neighbor kids. As I got older, skiing became more and more a personality trait and ski racing began. Not too long after that, I started my first job as a ski instructor. I proactively fell into teaching the younger generations. Specifically, private lessons for those between the ages of 2-5. This is when I knew babysitting was much less like work and felt more like a hobby of mine.

I eventually went on to college at North Dakota State University (Go Bison!) and a quick five years later graduated with my Masters in Architecture. Although architecture was calling my name, I continued babysitting throughout college. I had found a local daycare center near school, applied to be an "Assistant Teacher", and loved every second spent caring for the tiny humans. So much so that my architectural thesis was prompted by these experiences and I was able to collide my two worlds of passion together!

The goal during design school was always geared towards moving to a mountain town. Not a surprising choice for my family after taking many family vacations to the mountains over the beach. It’s only been a few months now but I am so beyond excited to be living in the Roaring Fork Valley today! My architecture career is taking off wonderfully and ski season always gets me giddy. The way I see it, the good just gets to continue with an opportunity to continue babysitting. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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