Julia is 29 years old. She has lived in Colorado since 2015. She graduated from Orenburg State University in 2012. She speaks 2 languages: Russian and English. She currently works at the Aspen Recreation Center as a Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor since 2017. She has CPR/First Aid certification. She also teaches group and private swim lessons. She also got an award for saving the life of a child in the ARC pool.

Julia has over 10 years of experience with children including nannying/babysitting. In the past, she has nannied part-time for families with one to three children, ages 4 months to 12 years. While babysitting/nannying, she is always willing to play games (inside or out), read, and can cook almost anything. She is trustworthy, loving, caring, hard-working and responsible! She also has her own reliable car.

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