Elizabeth C

Elizabeth Callaway is a 23 year old from Atlanta, Georgia. She works at The Little Nell and is still attending The University of Georgia (online) where she will be graduating in December, 2019. Over the past eight years, she has fluctuated between full-time and part-time nannying, as well as occasionally babysitting for several different families. She has also been a summer camp counselor for two consecutive summers. She is very comfortable with multiple children of different ages and genders. When it comes to hanging out with kids. Her specialty includes spending time with them outside playing games. She likes to make sure the children get out lots of energy and personally, she loves being outside. Aspen is wonderful for its many parks and children’s
section of the public library. She is comfortable cooking, reading and working on homework with children as well. And last but not least, she has a car to help move the kids around town.