My name is Charlotte and I originate from North Miami Beach, Florida. Although I am a beach baby at heart, I have found a home here in the mountains. Growing up I had 4 younger cousins that were basically like my siblings. I started babysitting for them at a young age and then ventured out and started nannying for other families in my area. I studied Psychology and Criminal Justice at the University of Alabama and graduated Cum Laude in 2018. Once I graduated, I decided to take a year off and move to Australia to travel and get outside my comfort zone. I found my true passion which is learning about new cultures and traditions. I decided to get my 200HR yoga teacher training in Bali and then spent another 3 months backpacking Southeast Asia.
My hobbies outside of traveling include, practicing yoga, a love for music, and being outside and active. I both ski and snowboard and in the summers love to hike and rock climb. I have been in the valley for almost 3 years now and love connecting with new families and showing them what this amazing valley has to offer. I have nannied for children all ages and love to create bonds that last past just a vacation!