Audrey Lisman grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina where she studied Fine Arts and Children’s Theatre. She then moved to Rome, Italy where her daughter Melody was born. Audrey worked in the Broadcasting Industry for several years in Miami falling in love with the mountains while skiing in Aspen, CO.

Audrey has lived in Aspen, Colorado for the past 21 years teaching Spanish and Yoga at the local community college, as a sales and marketing manager, babysitting and enjoying the outdoors. Audrey continues her passion for the arts taking classes and expressing her creativity through drawing, painting, and mixed multimedia. Her love and creativity are brought to life in Adventures of Juanito – In Search of Moonbeam children’s book story and paintings. In her heart she wishes that every child, mother, and father enjoyed reading this story as much as little Lola and Aaron who say, “Read it again, read it again!”

She has experience with newborns and is infant CPR certified.